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To Start your Dinner 

Homemade Soup of the day (V)

Antipasto Plater (meat) for two & bread &Oloves)

Prawn cocktail

Fish Cake, chilly jam & leaves

Pate & toast


Main Dish

Estofado de Carne con Vino Tinto:

(Spanish Beef Stew) *

Lasagne *

Gammon & all the trimmings*

Chicken Curry (mild) & rice

Salmon Fillet poached in vermouth *

 Creamy Chicken Tarragon & Mushroom *

Chicken Caesar Salads or 

Chicken Chasseur*

Fillet Stroganoff  Served with Rice or Potatoes & Vegaatables

Sirloin Steak 10oz or 8oz Rib EyeExtra £7

Vegan / Vegetarian option* V    Please enquire


Main courses served with 

vegetables & potatoes or chips *


To End

Local Ice-cream

Ice cream Sunday

or Banana Split

Crumple & Custard, Icecream or Cream


We have a small but personally selected

white & red wine or ask us to 

get in your favorite bottle in.  

If you would like to bring your own bottle £8 Bottle Corkage

Starter & Main £38

Sweet £6

Selection of Coffee & Teas £3

Dinner is served at 6: pm only

(You just need to be ready to eat at this time, we don't expect you to finish your meal at this time)

Please check with me before booking Dinner, Bed and breakfast

as this is subject to availability.

Your dinner selection must be selected 48 hours before your stay.

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